At Phoenix Family Church, you will find a welcoming space to learn, grow, and nurture your relationship with God – no matter where you are in your journey towards fulfilling your destiny and purpose. 

Here, a broad range of Phoenix church ministries and outreach opportunities allow you to actively strengthen your faith, serve God through serving others, and discover a community of like-minded Christ-followers. 

Serve the Lord as a Member of Phoenix Family Church Ministries in Phoenix, AZ

There are few better ways to honor the will of God than by stepping onto the path which He has designed for you. As you open your heart and welcome His Word, you are likely to see that the answers to your questions were there all along. It is only through putting God and your community before yourself that you can truly seek His kingdom.

Phoenix Family Church is seeking individuals who feel called to serve our Lord as an example of grace, faith, mercy, hope, and generosity. If you feel compelled to take the next step towards growing in the grace that Christ provided, we invite you to consider becoming a part of our Phoenix Christian ministries.

Our church ministries in Phoenix are an opportunity for churchgoers to see, hear, and celebrate the extraordinary love of Jesus together. Here are just some of the many ways in which you can contribute your love, time, and energy to advancing His kingdom:

Become a ministry leader

Both our men’s and women’s ministries are currently in need of leaders who are ready to shine as an example of Christ-like love. As a servant of God, you need not attain perfection before leading others in the pursuit of salvation. Instead, you already exist as a beautiful image of what He has done for us – and thus, you are divinely prepared to share your faith with others.

Join our team of volunteers

There is a broad range of ways to support the efforts of Phoenix Family Church, both within the walls of our church and out in the community. We are always looking for volunteers in all areas and are endlessly grateful to those who provide their time, talent, and effort as a means to help us serve our Lord. 

Participate in hospital visits

Commune with those who cannot worship in person when you partake in hospital visits throughout our community. 

Prayer for the sick

Prayer is a powerful connection to God, a spiritual experience that virtually nothing else can compare to. For individuals suffering from illness or injury, we ask you to extend prayers on their behalf in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Sing or play an instrument

Did God gift you a love for music and a talent for singing or playing an instrument? At Phoenix Family Church, we are deeply dedicated to honoring our Lord through the power of music. We greatly appreciate any interest in contributing your musical talents to our Sunday Service and other worship services or events.

Support our Pastor in his ministry to truck drivers

Pastor Rick Ryan has long felt called to share the Word of God with everyone, particularly those who may not worship in a traditional setting. Thus, his work with truck drivers is a cause extremely close to his heart and one that he invites church members to join him in.

Spread the Word of God as a Member of Our Phoenix Church Ministries

There’s always more that can be done when it comes to demonstrating your faith and living according to the will of God. If you’re ready to continue in your journey towards growing closer with God, the arms of the Phoenix Family Church community are open to you.

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