Church Services

Church and Prayer Services

At Phoenix Family Church, we strive to serve God by wholly dedicating our lives to the glorification of His Word. We are a Spirit-filled church in Phoenix that seeks to nourish, support, and welcome a diverse community of Christians who share a common goal: to strengthen their relationship with Jesus, God, and their fellow churchgoers.

We believe that the Word of God is the ultimate source of abundant joy and peace and that it is our duty as Christ-followers to exercise our faith at every possible opportunity. Through the Bible and faithful prayer, God speaks to our hearts and souls – are you listening? Phoenix Family Church trusts that true salvation and all of God’s promises are available to every person, every sinner that is willing and able to believe His Word and declare their faith. Whether you are feeling firmly rooted in your faith or are searching for His grace in your pursuit of understanding, our church is here to share His love welcomes you with open arms.

Here, you will find more than just a church; you will find a family in faith. Together, we can seek the kingdom of God and sincerely live according to His will.

Phoenix Family Church Services & Community Gatherings

Connected by our faith and our devotion to living as witnesses for Christ, the people of Phoenix Family Church share an unshakeable bond that is nurtured by our common love for the Word of God. Our church services and gatherings are a wonderful way to surround yourself with fellow followers of Christ and appreciate the blessings that the community can bring.

Sunday Service

Every Sunday

Phoenix Family Church hosts a weekly Sunday church service open to anyone who is seeking a grace-centered celebration of Christ and his everlasting love for us. Each service begins with a musical expression of faith as we all raise our voices in praise with three worship songs. Then, members show their support for the church and our mission through tithes and offerings, following by a 45-minute sermon that explores varying practical topics enlightened by a Godly perspective.

Family-style worship is followed by children’s services (for children up to age 10), ensuring that all of God’s children are included in our expression of thanks to Him.

Friday Game Night

The second Friday of each month

What better way to hold yourself to the highest standards of faith and spirituality than to become a part of a compassionate and caring church family that walks alongside you in your path towards salvation? In addition to our Sunday service, Phoenix Family Church believes in providing our church members with ample opportunity to spend time enjoying each other’s company.

Friday Game Night is a monthly social event for members of Phoenix Family Church, offering a wide variety of family-friendly games and activities for everyone to participate in. Enrich your life with friendships and fun inspired by the joyfulness of Christ and join us for our next Game Night.

Bible Study

The last Saturday of each month, 7 pm

At Phoenix Family Church, we are steadfast in our belief that, for anyone who is willing to listen, the voice of God can be heard in the words of the Bible. Inspired by God and created by the men who loved him, the Bible presents us all with a powerful opportunity to deepen our understanding of God’s Word.

On the last Saturday of each month, we invite you to gather with fellow church members for a group Bible Study. Together, we will go beyond simply reading the Bible as we support each other in the journey to better discern the true meaning of this treasured text. As we pray to God to open our minds so that we can understand, learn, and grow, we will discover just how much He has to say through the written word.

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